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Horváth knows, the team has failed

Trnava has given a lesson on efficiency and literally stripped Trencin players naked in just a few minutes.

After good performance against Slovan, further progress was expected, but Rob McDonald's players have completely failed. Trnava has given a lesson on efficiency and literally stripped Trencin players naked in just a few minutes.

„Coach told us right after the match that we our performance was poor and he was very right. We haven't showed anything during the entire game," said after the loss wit Spartak, captain Csaba Horvath. "At the first goal it was a one touch play and before the second one came a regular long pass. Three of our defenders were unable to cover two Trnava players and the second one scored at further post", were comments of Horvath on received goals.

Agile Miroslav Barcik was the biggest threat, who gave young players of AS a lesson on creativity. "In the first half we geve them too much space for manoeuvre. We did not approach opponets. Trnava had more players in midfield and we did not respond properly. We stood without players, they were passing the ball and we were just galloping like horses among them", went on Horvath.
In the first moments Martin Doubek could have cracked the opponents, but his shot went wide. "We did not scoere when we could have. Trnava shot twice on goal and scored twice", says captain of AS. "Football is a game of moments and we can't handle them. Second half was better from our side, we played on Trnava's half, but we achieved nothing," concludes Horvath.

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Rozpis zápasov
18:00 Žilina
Fortuna liga, 9. kolo, 22.9.2019
AS Trenčín - ŠK Slovan Bratislava
2:1 Michalovce
Fortuna liga, 8. kolo, 14.9.2019
MFK Zemplín Michalovce - AS Trenčín

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